Dispute Resolution Alternatives, LLC


Edwin Hamilton

Ed has brought his over 28 years of experience to continue the success of early claims management leading to bottom line savings for our clients

Our Support Staff

How can we lower your overall cost

  • Plaintiff's Attorney has very little expense in negotiating

  • Expectations are lower going into the mediation

  • Plaintiff's attorney's "realization rate" is at the highest point

  • 85%+ Success rate in settling claims early

  • Reduction in claims going to litigation

  • Overall amount paid is lower as compared to claims that are filed

Our attorneys

Claims Settlement and Mediation


We focus on working closely with claims professionals and their clients, to obtain critical information about specific events leading to the reporting of the claims. 


Our attorneys travel to a variety of cities on a rotating schedule to handle the mediation meeting in person.  We take the time to identify the cases that are best suited for mediation and handle all contact relating to the proposed mediation. 


Janet Hamilton

As our Executive Director, Janet keeps our office running smoothly and also assists with scheduling and case follow up. She has a background in Business and practical experience in Food Service and Retail Management. 

A Law firm dedicated to the early settlement of claims

David Abercrombie

David has been a practicing attorney for 18 years, focusing on litigation, risk management, and alternative dispute resolutions.